My words about the movie Honor thy Father directed by Erik Matti was confusing, stifling and uncomfortable but realistic from beginning to end.

Confusing, why? Because from the very beginning to the end, I didn’t get it the whole time. I don’t know why do they have to do bad things like torturing others, robbery and killing others also getting some things that they are not theirs.

Stifling and Uncomfortable. The movie was breathe-taking and for me it is not good for the eyes and also I don’t like the way they talk to each other.

Realistic. The way that John Lloyd Cruz act as being a husband to her wife and a father to her daughter is amazing. He did everything for them, he made sacrifice, he make way for her family to be better to have a normal life.

The moral lesson of the movie is that the world should not revolve around money. Because money is the root of all evil.

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