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7 apps in 7 days

As part of my book ideas I thought about the sample apps I would need to write to create this book. I came up with about 10 different ideas, some of which built on top of one another, and some that didn’t.

Having thought about this some more I’ve come up with this list of 7 apps that I think would work great for a book:

I figured this would be a nice progression of topics and difficulty giving developers real insights into the process—and most importantly would be interesting for me to develop and write about—let’s face it, if it’s dull I’m going to lose interest in writing about it.

My plan here is spend the next few posts, maybe with a few other posts interspersed, building out the samples for book—which I will post to GitHub—with the idea that each post will help summarise each chapter and help me gather my thoughts on what will work and what won’t.

Note that I’ve not heard a thing from the publishers yet, so I don’t know a) if they like any of my ideas, and b) if they do, which idea I should develop. So I’m kinda winging it, and it’s the by example idea that’s getting me the most excited right now—anyway, this should be fun. I’ll update the list about with links to the posts as we go.

Designer, iOS/macOS Developer; rider of motorcycles

Designer, iOS/macOS Developer; rider of motorcycles