Taco Bell like many other fast food chains are trying to find a way to get more and more customers in this growing population. Ever since Chipotle seem to slow climb its way into popularity taco bell wanted to yet again get their name out there. They are now attempting to reel in customers with the new gaming counsel the PS4 that you have a chance to when you buy their “Big Box”.

Their main focus with this add is to grab veiwers attention with the one of the kind Gold PS4. In this add there is about 2 appeals that are being used throught the 30 second video. The first appeal that stands out is the Need For Affiliation. The setting of this ad is that a teenage boy invited people over to his house for the party. At this party people are seen crowded over by this young man and his golden PS4. I feel that this appeal is being used because it shows that Taco Bell’s amazing deal gave him this Golden PS4. With this golden PS4 people are seen hanging out, talking, and partying with him beacause of this PS4 that Taco Bell supplied with there amazing deal and food.

The next appeal that is being used is Need For Attention. During this party people are seen actually circling the proud owner of the PS4 that was payed by Taco Bell. While he is standing there people are all eyes and ears on this boy and his mounted PS4 with its own stage light looking down at it. The Need For Attention is visible showen because physically people are all eyes and ears for this man that has his own stage light aiming down on his golden ps4. The Need For Attention says that Taco Bells amazing reward in their fastfood will make you the center of attention through all this. People wanna hear and see you the award winner from this amazing product from“Taco Bell”.

All in all this ad did not do so bad at grabbing peoples attention. With about 203,989 views on youtube and also being played constantly they are really hitting us over the head with their unhealthy burritos. Saying that Taco Bell is more then just a fast food indestury but more. It is a cain of fast food resturnants that hand out prizes to its consumers.

Video Link: http://youtu.be/eeHNCHSQRgM

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