… and no one was more surprised than I. The next time you want to write off the Human Race, take five of these and call me in the morning.

As a geek, a news junkie, and a parent of two kids — aged 4 and 6 — I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the future lately.

Living as an information junkie — one who’s trying not to break his ‘no more than 150 RSS feeds at any time in my Feedly account’ and ‘no more than 25 podcast subscriptions at once’ rules (with occasional relapses) — I get a daily cascade of banana cream pies worth of Human Stupidity right in the face, chased by the bitter, shocking paintballs…

The true-life adventure that started with a simple request for breakfast and ended in an object lesson in following through on a crazy idea

Having done some time in the agency world, I know what it’s like to sit through a creative brainstorming session and watch some crazy-ass ideas get thrown about while trying to come up with a point of view and recommended approaches for a pitch to a client.

“We should totally do an Augmented Reality app that lets you paste Instagrams of your pets with custom #hashtags wherever you’ve been walking them so other people can see popular spots for pets to hang out while they’re using the AR app and walking their pets. …


In defense of an amazing product that was poorly timed, badly launched and currently being euthanized one morphine drip at a time

Let me preface this by admitting that I realize I’m on the wrong side of history, the head cheerleader for the losing team and the guy at the party who’s got a conspiracy theory about how Custer had a secret bunker under the Little Bighorn River where he escaped to safety when the battle against the Arapaho turned ugly. I’m used to it. People snicker. Friends shake their heads. Hell, you know you’re alone in the wilderness when even Microsoft employees openly make fun of you when they see you with a Zune.

That’s fine; I wear my badge of…

Peter J. Backman

I'm a UX professional, gadget geek, and a startup addict. I live to make the internet more fun and friendly. @pjbackman http://peterbackman.com

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