Why You Should Never Rush Home
Eileen Stanley Conway

Reading this article on not rushing home, I immediately thought of architecture. Specifically, I remember reading Christopher Alexander’s books, “The Timeless Way of Building” and “A Pattern Language.” He wrote of transition spaces to help shed your “city face” before and while entering the home. Things like porch > vestibule > foyer > hall. I remember buying and living in my first house and seeing the imprint of a former wall on the ceiling when I came in the front door, abruptly dropping me into the living room. I replaced the wall to recreate that transition space.

I also remember, it might have been a country song, where a fellow would run his fingers through the leaves of a small tree in the front yard before entering the house. A friend accompanying him asked about it. He said this is my “troubles tree.” I leave them here before going in so I am fully with my family.

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