I’m dressed and ready to go to work. I should make a quick bowl of oatmeal before I go, so I’ll make this quick.

Life is crazy stressful right now. My dog has cancer, we’re in a big transition time with me going back to work (change is very hard for some people in this family), and there is some other personal stuff that is very very very hard. Very hard. It would be the perfect time for me to just say screw it for now. But I haven’t done that…yet. For that I am proud of myself.

My dog has to take pills twice a day, and she takes them with ice cream. I eat ice cream with her twice a day but I don’t log it in My Fitness Pal. I also don’t log the handfuls of Starburst mini thingies I pop in my mouth to get a sugar fix when I’m ready to keel over and die. Obviously I should because there is probably a few hundred calories there, but I don’t. My dog is dying and I deserve to share ice cream with her while she is alive, dammit. So I’m not doing a perfect job of tracking my food, but it’s good enough.

I went to work out with the hubster yesterday and rode a stationary bike for 20 minutes. I really wanted to quit after a couple minutes because it’s hotter than Hades there, but I persevered and was actually happy. I’m not sure if it was endorphins or not, but I did it. I re-injured my right foot so walking is painful right now, but I’m hoping it heals and I don’t need another cortisone shot so soon. Wearing flip flops is not good for me but I look stupid in tennis shoes with maxi skirts and capris and it’s still hot.