After reading Sarah Jones’ (New Republic Social Media Editor) article of June 19, 2017, titled, Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn’t Run for President Again, I wondered what is really in her head. Was she a closet Republican saboteur, a Hillary supporting, a Jill Stein lover, or is she just plain daft? One thing is clear; she has no clue who Bernie Sanders really is.

As for Ms. Jones list for why Bernie Sanders should not run again for the Presidency. . .I waffled between shaking my head, and chuckling aloud — and I live alone! I will go over the six reasons and explain why they seem to be nit-picky rhetoric, if not downright daft in nature.
 #1 “He will be 79 next Inauguration Day. Basketball notwithstanding, advanced age is a vulnerability for any politician. “

There are two reasons why this is just silly. He has been fighting for equal opportunity and justice for sixty odd years. He has definitely trained for battle and making right decisions under pressure. After all, while others for NAFTA, WTO, Private Prisons, and letting Glass-Steagall Act lapse, he voted against them. He also spoke of the dangers of war against IRAQ, laying out what would happen if Congress approved the action, and proven correct once again. He does the research — always.

So, he will be 79 years-old. If Bernie believes he can do the job and give his all, I trust that judgment. As a researcher myself it may interest voters to know, generally speaking, Jews are healthier, and live longer than most other American ethnic groups. Is it their faith, their diet, or whether they are God’s chosen people (according to the Bible) who knows. Studies have noted it over the years.

#2 “He could have been stronger on gun control, particularly at the beginning of the primary campaign.”

It would be wonderful if all weapons would just disintegrate off the face of the earth, but let’s be serious here. Democrats for decades now have been trying to legislate better background checks, and each time the Right runs around hysterically crying, “They’re coming to take all of our guns away!” “Government takeover, we must protect ourselves!” I must admit the Right have their people well trained to do as they are told, and never fact-check, or research. 
Bernie Sanders knows that even if we had the strictest background checks for guns, criminals will still be able to get their hands on what they want. This is a matter of his saying, we do need background checks so that mentally unstable persons, and certain convicts should not be allowed to purchase guns. This is a case of reality, and pick your battles. Gun control is not at the top of a priority list when people are dying without insurance, people are getting sicker each day because they cannot afford medication, tests, or to purchase adequate food and shelter, Also, as wages for non-skilled workers fall lower and purchasing power dwindles there is concern across America as to whether a family can afford retraining into today’s job market, let along go to an ivy league college for a high-end career. 
 #3 “He too often ceded ground on foreign policy to Clinton — an unnecessary failing.” Excuse me, but Senator Sanders is honest. If a certain event was handled well, he will back an opponent. He has, also, pointed out poor decisions made from opponents. I know that not trashing an opponent personally (outside of job performance) is a new concept in the USA, but I hope it is one that will catch on.

#4 “There may be a better progressive candidate out there.” 
 This is the comment that leads me to believe Sarah may be a Stein follower. The Green Party (on March 3, 2016) started the “befriend-to-steal away” Bernie Sanders supporters for Jill Stein numbers. I recall the first day they approached me. I was dispelling lies about Senator Sanders (with linked proof) in the comments section of The Boston Globe. The news media had just announced Bernie’s “ February’s record donation of $42 Million” from Bernie’s $27-per-month (average) contribution, and the day Jill Stein finally decided she would indeed toss her hat into the Primary ring.

#5 “And there is the matter of his fame. Name recognition is key to victory, but it can also strangle movements — Sanders must now consider the broader interests of the left, and. . .

#6 the questions he will have to answer all over again.”

What??? This makes no sense whatsoever. I am a loyal, and true, Bernie Sanders supporter. I have attended multiple rallies and watched every one of them. I have seen each town hall, news report, and interview during that year of campaigning, as well as read the details of his platform online, and often posted the information to social media platforms, and news media online to correct misconceptions.

I spent 60 hours each week from Dec. 2015 through July 26, 2016 online campaigning across the country for the man who has hundreds of songs written about him, invited to the Vatican, had a bird fly onto his podium (without fear) during a rally, and had clouds separate to let sunshine stream through further illuminating his message of equal opportunity and justice for all. I have heard him speak of the need for ‘human respect’ regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, or social position. I listened as he rallied for a livable wage for every American, Universal Healthcare where a mere 2.2% of a household wage would cover everything for everyone in the household at no additional cost, a Free State College plan which leading Economists say will provide $300 Billion/year to pay for tuition––paid for by minuscule fees (0.0025% to 0.0125%) on Wall Street’s riskiest trades when they use Americans’ IRA/Pension funds. He’s spoken of putting one million people to work cleaning up and refurbishing America’s infrastructure. The need to remove contaminants like lead, and arsenic, from our water, and to make roads, railways, and bridges safe again. He spoke of the need (and why) we must ban the disgrace of our For-profit Prisons, improve Public Education that works for all children, and the need to Expand, not disband, Social Security. We must overturn Citizens United which operates solely for the benefit of Corporations. Corporations who were then able to weaken labor laws, ship jobs overseas, and threaten Americans with unsafe imports. Overturning Citizens United will remove Billionaires’ money from the voting process, and restore each Voters’ voice to the legislation process. No more ‘buying political favors’ (with huge donations) from the Koch Brothers, the Walton Family, Too Big to Fail Banks and Wall Street connections that nearly crippled us in 2007. Senator Sanders spoke of the need to stop Corporations from hiding income off-shore in the Cayman Islands, thus evading income tax, as Corporate profits rose and employee wages dwindled.

Senator Sanders has researched success in countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc., who make the top seven (year after year) on The Happiest Countries in the World study. He sees America as a whole — business and the work force, not one verses the other. He knows we must have a balance between Capitalism, and citizen well-being to survive. He has researched the many types of Socialism in the world today and studied what works, and what has failed their country. His platform is nothing like the communist illustrations the Right use to keep their wealth, and blatantly lie to voters.

It seems from the article Ms. Jones does not have many facts about the man she claims to know about. It seems feasible to me that Ms. Jones is fearful Bernie Sanders may run again, because I think she knows full well he IS the perfect Candidate for the People: A well-respected man by his colleagues in Congress, because of his Honesty, Integrity, Wisdom, and steadfast Moral and Ethical behavior. A man who will be able to can get this country back on its feet for the good of all citizens. I highly doubt he voted to allow national “Box Stores” like Walmart, Lowes, Denny’s Restaurant, etc., the massive take over our country has seen. One that put small Mom and Pop stores our of business, because they were not wealthy enough to mass purchase what they sell. Today we have cheap goods, but lack quality goods.

Ms. Jones could not name a candidate of equal character and caring, let alone one with intelligent full plans on how to accomplish what the campaign promised. I seriously doubt America can find a candidate with as spotless a record as Bernie Sanders. I haven’t another spotless candidate in my lifetime, and I can remember way back when America worked together during the 1960s. A time when both business and employees gave 100% and earned a comfortable living. America’s humble, yet proud time when employer and employee alike would offer a hand and help a neighbor who was down and out so they could get back on track and once again contribute to, and share, the wealth of this once great nation of caring people.