Imzy: Social Media With You in Mind
K. C. Alexander

Great points in you article, K.C.

I’ve been a political activist since the 1990’s on education (no one really cares), consumer protection (sometimes a Democrat cares), and someone who people watches as “change groups” brainstorm on how...

This is what I see: a society of self-absorbed, self-center, self-loathing lemmings who won’t take a stand unless it directly affects them, or if they do it comes and goes like leave in an autumn breeze.

The US government hasn’t the balls, or desire, to enforce decent treatment toward one another. So long are lawyers and wealthy business owners are elected in to represent the rest of us peons nothing will change. Sad, isn’t it? We are doomed.

Secretly hoping America proves me wrong and this can be called tongue-in-cheek at a later date.

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