This year’s Annual C. N. P. Gathering Has Been Called Off Due to Lack of Qualifying Participants.

I‘d like thank Ashley for writing about an intimate look into her life, The Unfairness of Feeling, and inspiring me to continue further. I can only pray America will soon have a healthcare system that stops pushing mental issues under the rug of Congress’s Pollyanna existence.

Beside BiPolar and Schizophrenia, the next debilitating illness I believe is PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). PTSD is a continued ongoing battle that a person may never escape entirely. Anything threatening a persons safety may cause it: dysfunctional relationship, accidents, natural disasters, and of course war.

However, clinical depression and anxiety is alive and well in America today from the stress of merely living. People lose homes, retirement saving, perhaps family members from one reason to the next are in need. As well as those with autism or learning difficulties which are difficult enough when one see they are “different”. Children often times are ridiculed and treated harshly by “normal” kids as they attend school. The stress on these children often leads to poor grades. Medical studies have show high functioning Autism kids often have higher IQ’s than ‘normal’ children.

Adults with high functioning autism, personality quirks, and even those who suffer depression are ignored and often shunned by other adults. Even within “the church” which is expected to be all inclusive.

Should we wonder why the rate of suicide has risen drastically in the recent years? We have a sick America being fed chemicals in smog, the water, the soil, and in our food.

We are stressed, struggling, physically exhausted, conflicted and driven by Media’s quest for higher ratings through chaos: sensationalism of war, divorces, murders, killing, accidents, drug deaths, this person was caught doing this, these people are divorcing, a celebrity punched a photographer in the face. Is there no happy news? Nothing to hope for? No sunny day on the horizon? If life were a dance instead of the exhausting Rave, why can’t we occasionally toss in a slow dance so we can catch out breath?

Until our healthcare system expands to treat mental health as important as physical illness, we will only continue to Rave. One of The Kinks early songs in the ’60 was I’m On An Island. They’ve written and sung many a song about various stages of depression and turmoil.

Depression and mental illness had been around a long, long time. Shouldn’t Congress commit to do something about the unspoken don’t ask, don’t tell illnesses at long-last; or will the Pollyannas continue to leave those in need ‘On an Island’ praying for a Category-five to wash away the pain?