Is #MeToo Only For Women? Should It Be?
Abby Franquemont

As a guy, I’m torn on this issue. I know there are men, possibly more than many think, that have been assaulted by women. I also understand there are people who don’t believe that a guy can be sexually assaulted. I get that. However, a guy isn’t expected to experience this. It’s the odd case (or at least, as evidence so far dictates, its the odd case). But for someone to simply expect to have to experience this in their lifetime simply based on their identity, that’s a problem in and of itself. So, is the problem here simply just assault? Or that an entire demographic is expected to experience this in their lifetime. I think it really depends on how #MeToo is framed. I’m not very familiar with it as I’ve only started seeing it recently and this is the first article I’ve read that is directly discussing it. So I’m not sure if its simply fighting assault or fighting the idea that simply because of who you are, you’re likely going to be assaulted.

I think that there are multiple problems with society and every movement doesn’t have to concerned with every single problem, even related ones. I’d be a fan of just having a hashtag that shows you’re supportive.

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