Really? I stopped reading at that childish comment.
Louis Weeks

So, let me get this straight, you point to there not being enough healthy people signing up as part of the problem. I point to the fact that Trump removed the impetus for healthy people to sign up. It’s basic math. The only way *any* health insurance would ever work is to get healthy people to sign up. Period. End of story. So yeah, premiums went up because healthy people weren’t signing up. *ALL* healthcare reform, liberal or conservative, will have the same faults if they don’t fix that problem. The ACA had a solution, but Trump basically neutered it. Plus, that same CBO said the same statements about the AHCA in regards to Exchange stability. So if we shouldn’t believe them in one case, are you suggesting we shouldn’t believe them when they say the AHCA will have stable exchanges?

The way you’re arguing is against the concept of health insurance entirely. Is that what you are suggesting?

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