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The CBO seems to disagree with your assessment of Exchanges collapsing though. They seem feel that they’ll be fine for at least the next 10 years. TrumpCare might lower premiums but they cover substantially less, including things that people view as routine care. So, good luck getting any of that extra you seem to sad to miss. Moreover, as stated, 64% of individuals did not see an overall price hike in out of pocket costs for premiums. Plus, I also may be misunderstanding the English language, but I didn’t see him promise everyone will see their premiums be lowered by $2500. I saw “average family” “may” see premiums lowered by “up to” $2500. Plus, even if you argue its a broken promise, that would just be one of many facets. Having a recording of every time he says it isn’t a substitute for every other goal of ACA. It means that one goal of the ACA may not have been met. Moreover, there is plenty being done that is making it more difficult on the ACA by the Trump administration. Stating that certain core tenets of the law are not allowed to be enforced (ie: collecting fees for those not buying insurance) are extremely harmful. Plus, as I stated, most experts still have no idea what the true impact on premiums the ACA has had. The only measurable they have on premiums is that premiums increased more slowly than previously to the ACA. They don’t know if that’s due to the ACA or not. So, on average, you’d probably be looking at even higher premiums if the ACA didn’t go into affect. And your anecdotal evidence does little convince anyone logically. That just appeals to someone’s emotions for a knee-jerk reaction. It offers little factual substance. So, in all honesty, your post, again, does little to show that *every* promise was broken and that its not working. The last time we saw a bill from Republicans (as the one being voted on now, they don’t even have access to read it) would have had you paying more for less. So, I mean, whatever your disagreement with the ACA, your reasons for not liking it will also likely apply to TrumpCare. So if you want to just come out and say that the government shouldn’t help its people, so be it. Just remember, you’re paying for someone else’s healthcare one way or the other. It’s just a matter of whether you want to control those costs.