Al Su

“Those accusers of HW should say out loud “I got to the business thru the bed’ or “I became a star thru the bed” and leave the business. That would be fair.”

That doesn’t seem fair. Why are you assuming any success they had was due only to the events that transpired between them? People accusing him could have gone nowhere or to the top based solely on their acting skills, etc. You’re immediately judging someone and putting them down and taking away any and all accomplishments they made. How is that fair?

“Because you either go to police right away or rip the benefits and keep it shut. You can’t have both!”

Reap the benefits of assault? Right there you’ve already normalized the behavior and made it ok. Also, going to the police right away isn’t always that easy. It can be extremely traumatic to even be able to open up about it. This is common knowledge for all kinds of abuse that this shouldn’t even be in question here. And sometimes it’s simply the act of speaking up that would destroy a career unfortunately. So they may not have gained anything but are simply being blackmailed. So again, you’re still assuming that anything that they accomplish is all based on being assaulted. That’s ridiculous. You’ve removed all their power and basically said its up to this other guy to decide if their skilled or not.

“And yes, it’s time to stop the practice of prosecuting males when it’s enough for a girl to accuse anyone they don’t like without any proof.”

Since when is an eyewitness testimony not considered evidence? That’s been the lynch pin in multitudes of cases ranging from murder to petty larceny. If you want to refute the evidence, that’s what court is for. So, why are you making a special case here to avoid court? In court, they’re treated the exact same way other individuals who have been accused of crimes are. The justice system is behaving the same way it does with all other crimes.

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