Rape Culture: Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know
Caitlin Johnstone

Today I learned being a nanny is not a way to make money child-rearing because it’s impossible to make money doing that.

You raise a lot of good points, but your points about money are way off. Money was designed in place of bartering which was simply a way to trade value for value. It’s all about creating value for someone else. You don’t get paid to do something for yourself. So getting money raising your own kids? 1) yes, mostly women do so in this society, but some men do too and 2) you can extract that value later from your children (sounds cold, but whatever) and 3) there’s always the non-monetary value in raising your children. You can literally give birth for money nowadays with surrogate birthday, etc. So most of your points are downright false except for the one I just mentioned and even there it’s arguably false.

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