Say Goodbye to Your Assigned Desk
Rae Nudson

I did a contract recently in a company that had one of the most modern buildings in my country, which employed this idea of no assigned seating (except, of course, for the big bosses) and multiple different desks, rooms, areas you could book for your individual or team work. It was a beautiful modern building with very nice facilities. For someone who usually prefers to work from home, it was probably the best possible scenario. But definitely pluses and minuses. If working in a team as I was, you had to book rooms in advance and confusions/frustrations/technical difficulties resulted. The employees were given lockers to store things but they were on random floors of the building, and they still didn’t have enough space, so my team lead was hauling all sorts of stuff between work and home, on transit. The computers at desks were shared, so — -ick, germs from your less fastidious co-worker. People were supposed to go into designated phone call rooms to take personal calls or long meetings by phone, but sometimes they didn’t. Seems like there is no one solution that pleases everyone.