So Should I Follow My Passion or Not?
Matt Tanner

In some of the more new-age-y circles I’ve been part of, folks seem to have polarized passion and money, or passion and the corporate world, or what-have-you. It’s rarely one or the other. And I see a lot of so-called solo entrepreneurs causing themselves huge stress with the idea that they need to quit their job and follow their newly-discovered or rediscovered passion for X (something creative, healing, helping, etc). Even if that means there will be no money coming in for 3 years. Sometimes what we do to make money will not actually be the thing we are most passionate about — it will simply be a use of our skills and experience, or our capacity to solve a problem that needs solving for someone — and that is OK. It doesn’t preclude being passionate about other things, or about life itself. It doesn’t preclude being joyful and present to whatever work you are doing to earn the money. And also: there are cycles in life. If you are switching careers after 10 years to do the thing you love, you may need to find other work or contracts in the short term to support yourself.