Extend your content’s life cycle with these simple tactics

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With a minor modification, one of the mantras of ecological living can help businesses learn something essential about increasing their content marketing ROI.

Increase. Reuse. Recycle.

Expressed more jointedly, brands can increase their gains by reusing and recycling their content.

OK, maybe the modification isn’t so minor. But in this context, that’s cause for celebration.

Instead of treating each piece of content as a done-and-dusted deal, brands can use the same content, and the ideas in it, to inspire more posts. …

This is the key to turning your business into an empire

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Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

If more businesses understood the true potential of content marketing, they’d flourish far more than any expansion strategy allows them to — in a fraction of the time.

Anyone who’s using content marketing as merely a means to gain more short-term sales is trading the potential to have an entire orchard tomorrow for a few measly seeds today.

If they’d just look at it from this angle …

The Very Real Possibilities

Imagine walking into a brick-and-mortar store. Its wares are whatever you want them to be. Before you, there’s more than just soulless aisles packed with products. …

Coffee: we like to believe it’s an elixir that opens the mind. It’s just a drink.
Coffee: we like to believe it’s an elixir that opens the mind. It’s just a drink.

I’m not sure if you play video games, but they’re a lot like writing. Minus the metaphors, great plots and character arcs, there’s one striking, if simple, parallel. There’s a big scary boss to vanquish with all the weapons in your arsenal, perhaps a few deaths along the way, and, finally, an ingenious idea that sets you on the path to producing a brilliant work of art. Yeah, right.

Writer’s block is a lot simpler than that. You don’t have to defeat a monster who’s holding your genius ideas hostage. Frankly, you don’t stand a chance.

All you need to do — and you’ll have a hard time believing how simple this is — is to gather all the ideas you leave by the wayside. …


Tawanda Masvikeni


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