That is the struggle, Paul Moran.
Erik Flowers

So interesting – sometimes I feel like I play in the space between the lines (I’m sure there are sporting analogies for this) – I currently work across numerous projects and am trying to bring consistency to the tools and approach they take when considering the customer experience (blueprint helps here), but I’m also asking questions and challenging strategic level issues because of the impact they have on the journeys we design. So the breadth of my work is from the individual touchpoint and what makes it function up to the most strategic “which market are we playing in and how are we playing in it”. This approach has now got me to the point where I’m hearing people use my language of business model/value proposition canvases (which I’ve been using to help frame and bring clarity to propositions), and having others come to me because they’ve heard I can help.

No UX though. And our digital experience team is in another part of the organisation…

My next mission is going to be getting closer to those guys. To align with them properly to make the digital aspects of our services more connected, but also to attempt some kind of upskilling in relevant UX, even if it’s just to speak enough of the language so I can move between digital and non-digital folks and translate as necessary.

Translation Services – actually, thinking about it that’s one of the skills that really helps. Being able to speak the languages of the different teams in an organisation fluently enough that you can get people from those teams together and facilitate good conversations in ways you know just wouldn’t happen without you in the room.

Where do you buy a unichimera outfit? I think I need one… 🦄 👹

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