Bucknell Library Home Page Revamp

Just this year, the Bucknell Bertrand Library website has completely revamped and redesigned their home page in order to help students and faculty access their resources and needs much more efficiently.

Top section of the initial welcome page for the Bertrand Library.

Home Page

The home page for the library website used to be a disaster, but now it is approachable, easy to understand, and hasn’t once sent me on a maze to find what I am actually looking for.

The initial welcome screen is simple, and provides students and faculty with easy access to what I believe would be the most sought after needs for the library home page. It is easy to set up an appointment, search for books, and even manage any materials you have checked out.

Additional options are provided to users in two organized blocks.

Halfway down the screen provides even more options for those who may know specifically what they are looking for. The left side obviously inclined more toward research and materials help while the right is more inclined toward library policy and general inquiries.

Need more help?

Another great tool that makes this a great design, is that there is no expectation that you will know exactly what you need to click on when you get to this website. At the bottom of the screen, there is an Answers @ Bertrand Library section which provides specific help pertaining to a category that your inquiry would fall under.

Answers @ Bertrand Library provides insight for those who may not know what is needed.


The site even provides a link to a tutorials site, something that was also rolled out this year. There is great organization on this page as well, and provides specific help to students who may need more specific or in depth help with something, such as locating a book in the library.

While there is no search bar on this page, all of the resources are still very well and intuitively categorized on the left side of the page, displaying the current resources in the middle section.


Overall, this home page is welcoming, and provides an intuitive, and well organized means of getting to the resources you will need to. While there may be redundancies on this page, there is no longer any broken links, or loops that will send you searching for concrete resource sites. I would say this is a site that is visually appealing, and approachable by any user.

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