Bucknell Message Center Flawed

Daily, the Bucknell Message Center is posted and sent to students to update them on a myriad of topics. However helpful this may seem, it is long, unorganized, fed to students at the wrong time, and just turns into a nuisance and information overload.


There are a few ways to get to the information in the message center, the first being the daily email sent to anyone with an active Bucknell email account.

The first major design flaw in this means of distribution is the time it is sent out. Regularly, the email digest is received from 1–2am. The users who are up at this hour are mostly students doing work, who will probably delete the email, and are too tired to read. All other users will see this in the morning, and most likely not bother to spend the time to read the email that has been sitting in their inbox for upwards of 5 hours.

If the email is timed better, around breakfast or lunch time, when people are not in a focused mood, possibly users would be more likely to read this digest.


The first way to access this digest is via a desktop platform. While it looks organized at first, it is immensely long and hard to read. No one would take the time to scroll the entirety of the email, todays email totaling ten pages .

Message center digest. Sent at 1:13am. Highlighting incorrect categorization and redundancies within the list.

Another bad design flaw is that there is no way to categorize the posts. Since they are user submitted, there are often redundancies and confusions on where to group them. Even with the customization feature, if you want a specific category, you can still be missing out on news from that category that was mislabeled.


The second way to view this is on the go on a mobile device, however, the links to each post do not work. No matter what platform you use (at least on my Apple device), in order to find a post I have to manually scroll to try to find the hidden title in the ten pages of posts.


The other method of viewing the Message Center is in the MyBucknell home portal.

MyBucknell Portal Message Center Interface

Overall, it looks clean and approachable, however, it is difficult to pick what you would like to read. Those who are interested would for sure have difficulty reading the entire titles of the posts, and cannot even identify their category on a simple glance.

One option is to narrow the categories, however, the colors of categories are so similar, it becomes difficult to tell which is which. Say you want to narrow to two categories that use shades of red as their identifiers, it would be next to impossible to identify which belongs to which. As you can tell, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out how to manipulate the digest on the portal.

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