Oct. 9th 2016 : Announcement

On October 8th I officially announced my candidacy for the Office of President of the United States. Today I make that announcement public.

In this wonderful age it is not only possible for me to do so, but possible for this intent to have significant consequence. In one month, in my judgement, the majority of American citizens could conceivably be convinced that I am the best possible person for the job. In this age where an idea can become viral, sweeping through the consciousness of the people and more importantly making a difference, prompting an action, one month should be ample: providing that the idea is worth our time and attention.

I have no vast political machine, nor do I have vast sums of money, nor even a name famous in many circles: however I have a vision for this country and by contagion the world. Of this, through this blog, I hope to share with the citizens of this country and persuade those eligible to exercise their civic duty on Election Day in my favor.

Unfortunately not all States allow for write in candidates, but this is of no matter to me. For it is a core belief I hold that government should be equitable: the benefits of government should not be provided only to the constituents of the winning candidate, but to all the citizens. Taxation should not be an unequal burden, the protections and penalties of law should not be unequally meted out, and the financial benefits awarded by the government should not be reserved only for a few. But I wander from the topic.

I am an naturally born American citizen. I am 51 years old (over 35). And I have lived within the borders of this country for my entire life (more than 14 years). Therefore I have fulfilled all requirements set forth by Article II, Section I, clause 5 of the Constitution. I believe, however, there is one more requirement not set forth in the Constitution: Service. Many speak of it, promise it, swear by it, and fail in it. Professional politicians serve those who get them elected. Lobbyist wield power beyond that of olden kings. Unions promise their members votes by proxy if only the candidates serve them once they attain high office. And those citizens that do not enjoy the protection of some well financed group wind up forgotten, down-trodden, and disenfranchised. “My vote doesn’t matter.” This is the song I hear sung. And this is why I ask for the opportunity to change your mind. Mine is a campaign without one dollar of campaign “war-chest”, no strings and no promises to the mighty who might get me elected. Service is the only promise I make. Equitable service to all citizens.

The repercussions of that intent, and the logical necessities that spring from it, as well as my core beliefs, are what I plan to share through this blog over the next month. I welcome your comments and questions. I ask that you tell your friends if you are intrigued by my thought. And I ask for your vote if I convince you of my qualification.

Oh I have a slogan: “i don’t want your money I just want your vote.”

Thank for your indulgence. Tomorrow we will begin looking at a few visionary concepts for this country. May God bless American, please ?

Paul Joseph Nels Dudley