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Chris Paul has never gotten to the conference finals in his 12 year career, and he chokes in the playoffs every year just like Harden.

2012: Harden choked in the Finals when he played for OKC while Durant averaged 32/6 on 55/40/84 splits, and Westbrook averaged 27/7/7. Harden was nowhere to be seen.

2013: Harden choked in the first round against a team missing Westbrook.

2014: Harden choked in the first round losing the first two at home to the Blazers.

2015: Harden choked again. Harden got benched in a elimination game in the previous round and needed Josh Smith/Corey Brewer/Dwight to save him. Then in the next round against the Warriors, the Rockets lost by 35 at home in game 3 and Harden was terrible. Harden broke the record for most turnovers in a playoff game ever in game 5, and the Rockets were eliminated.

2016: Harden choked against a team missing Curry (back to back league MVP).

2017: Harden choked against a team missing Kawhi and Parker. Harden lost by 39 points at home in game 6 to a Spurs team missing Kawhi and Parker and got eliminated. Harden got outplayed in game 6 by a man who paid $150 to try out for the Spurs d-league team.

Since 2013, Harden has gotten to play against teams missing Curry, Kawhi, Westbrook, and Parker in the playoffs. Harden has lost 3 series since 2013 while having a sizable injury advantage. Simply put, James Harden is a perennial postseason choker.

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