Am I too old or too sick for Snapchat?
Loic Le Meur

I tried several times too and now I stick to it. I use Snapchat to stay in touch with the young ones in my family but also other older people in the web space.

Heck! Gary Vaynerchuk is advocating so strongly about Snap, he can’t be that wrong. Right? :-)

Regarding my business La Chaîne Guitare and The Guitar Channel I am trying to use it more to ping people about guitar. Not having much success though.

Later this month I will be in Anaheim for the NAMM show (the big music instrument industry show), I will experiment with Snapchat to post stories about my day there. I think it makes a lot of dens in that kind of context. It’s a quick and dirty way to do a live report during an event.


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