Learning to work across different teams as a UX Designer

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For me, being a UX designer is like going on a long distance bike ride. I can’t wait to begin because I know how enjoyable it is to cycle through scenic trails and how rewarding it feels to finish. However, I don’t think about the hills to climb or the unexpected obstacles that can occur. What I’m trying to say is, designing isn’t always as you expect it to be, but that shouldn’t stop you. It’s in the struggle where we grow and evolve.

Alongside experienced teammates, I’ve had the opportunity to ship software at an enterprise level. Now that I’ve gone through a few product life-cycles with the addition of some small side projects, I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. For designers getting ready to start their career, here are some life learning experiences from my journey to becoming a more well rounded UX designer. …

PJ Pentz

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