Bachpan ka Tamasha

Before a year I asked some of my friends about the movie Tamasha and if I should watch it, some of them said it’s an OK movie where the lead actor seems to be a bit psychotic. That didn’t excite me and neither did the trailer so I never saw it. But this weekend I wanted to see it because I like Imtiaz Ali and who am I kidding I was lonely and bored.

From the very beginning the movie had my total attention. If you think this is a love story then I’m sorry for you, the love between the pair I think is just a rhetorical device used by the director to explain much bigger subject. There are three special moments for me personally in the movie.

1. When the female lead tries to introduce herself to the male lead in Corsica, France. He stops her and says ‘with so much effort I came to Corsica because no one knows me here and I can be anyone here but if we introduce ourselves and start talking I will try to impress you and I will be the same old guy and I don’t want that.’ This told me that the guy is struggling with himself, trying to figure out life by exploring places and by spending time with himself. This is a special moment for me because it is so relatable to my life when I came to America. But in my case It’s not a girl who tried to introduce herself, It’s life itself and I had the opportunity to stop it and say I’m not that guy and I’m not here to live the same old life but looking back I did not hit the pause button and ended up frustrated in this great country.

2. When the female lead finds out that the guy she’s seeing now is not the crazy, filmy, spontaneous and happy person she once met she confronts him. He tells her, this the true me and whatever happened in Corsica was all Drama. She refuses to believe him and tells him that, “No, that is not drama. What you are doing now is drama, your true self is the guy who I met in Corsica. That passionate guy, full of life is who you really are and this is just farce.” At that moment you can clearly see that those comments touch a raw nerve and he flips because he’s been struggling all along and she just exposed the harsh truth and that’s why he is so grateful for her in the ending scene. This is special to me because we all go through this, we all fight with ourselves trying to figure out things we want to do in life. The psychotic phase is real. The struggle is real.

3. Most important moment for me is when the lead actor is telling a story to his family and he says,

Was there anyone that ever told you that you were special?
 Yes, there was someone. It was like a poisonous snake, it used to tell me that I’m very special like a diamond and all that. His name is ‘Bachpan’! but we murdered him brutally as we grew up. Bachpan is dead and there is no one to tell me that I’m special anymore.

And at this moment I was like, Is this the most underrated/misunderstood movie or what?!

Let me explain why is this so special to me. I admire and follow a popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, in his videos very often we can see him getting excited by watching trivial things like a flower, a helicopter, a dog or a big ballon. When I was watching that I was like dude grow up. It looks fake, it looks like you are doing this for the video but slowly I realized Casey is always like that it’s his true self. And now I have come to the realization that Casey is still that same crazy kid who is passionate about making movies every damn day, Casey never lost his childhood enthusiasm, Casey never killed his ‘Bachpan’. And thats why he’s a hustler and that’s why he’s a happy person and that’s why he’s able to achieve so much. Casey, please never grow up.

Like me, if you are also thinking that you are getting old. It’s not too late to bring back your Bachpan that will tell you that you are very special, that will tell you that you can do absolutely anything in this world.
If you hold on to that Bachpan ka passion you don’t have to find what you like in life, it will find you!