NFSTs — Digital Assets for ESG and Sustainability

  • A farmer records her on-farm practices and generates geo-located data that shows she reduces carbon use and protects biodiversity. She sells these carbon and biodiversity assets as an NFST. Owners of her NFST can claim and use the data to prove that the impact they paid for.
  • A teacher educates children in a village school during harvest time. He creates an avoided child labor NFST. Owners of this asset can claim and prove that they helped his students to not be child labourers.
  • A worker sells their employer a single-use license to their individual responses to workplace ESH survey. The employer can use the responses as part of their Annual Reporting or show compliance to product buyers and auditors.
  • An island community fishes sustainably without depleting stocks, using slave- workers or destroying marine life. They create sustainable fishing assets, avoided forced labor assets and marine ecosystem assets for NFSTs.
  • A teenager chooses cosmetics without mica or animal testing. She creates an NFST to avoid child labor and animal cruelty assets.
  • A meat-eater buying an NFST from a vegan providing the data that that they do not eat meat results in a net-zero impact on the carbon footprint of meat production per capita.
The first NFST



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Puvan Selvanathan

Puvan Selvanathan

Creator of Bluenumber. Former ‘UN-guy’ on Business and Human Rights.