Deja Vecu and shit hitting the fan.

Deja Vecu as it has been explained to me is: experiencing something you have dreamt. (I understand it may not be true just work with me here)

I have had Deja Vecu a few times in my life:

When i didn’t know if I should be at Mars Hill Bible Church in college. When I didn’t know if I should end a relationship and move across the country; when I came back and was really unsure if I should end the relationship and just stay in Michigan.

It’s usually when I am unsure of where I am supposed to be in life, and it usually precedes a very difficult time in my life. So I had Deja Vecu on April 24th 2016. It was a beautiful sight. I was playing music in a building I had not been in when I had the dream about a year and a half before. The lighting, the people, the sounds, the feeling of peace in my heart and mind.

This really is where I am supposed to be.

The calm, and measured anticipaton is what I imagine pure joy feels like. And I’m just going to call it that.

Pure Joy.

It’s unadulterated, nothing can hinder it, nothing is going to shake it, it is peace from a deep deep well within you. It’s where you connect to the universe and it responds back:

Yes, you belong here.

The feeling of pure joy comes I think to get you ready for the shit about to come on like an avalanche.

Order of events:

  • Deja Vecu (ahhhh amazing.)
  • Buy new car. (proud happy moment.)
  • Go to work, work hard. Get fired. No hard feelings, it was time.
  • Generously get a severance.
  • Take a day to rest, and reflect.
  • Buy all the gear I need to work for myself as a filmmaker with severance.
  • Go on the most awesome adventure and get paid to make a film about it.
  • Realize the life you’ve always wanted is closer than it has ever been.
  • Get a crack in your windshield.
  • Have trouble in your relationship.
  • Drink a lot.
  • Keep yourself really busy so you are at least moving forward in your life.
  • Meditate.
  • Meditate more.
  • Have a cigarette.
  • Write a blog.

Which brings me to this point. The universe is moving in one direction. Forward. And If I want to be a part of the constantly growing and expanding energy of life and love in the universe, I just need to keep breathing.

now. to quote Rumi.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
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