We are what we think.

A lot of the work I am doing with my therapist revolves around deeper introspection. To stop and think. To reflect on events, our feelings and emotions. To observe. To question.

One perspective is that we are what we think, that the sum of our thoughts defines who we are. That at the very least, our thinking strongly influences how we live our lives. How we feel about and react to the world around us.

Who am I?

I am a loving father.
I am separated from my children.
I am so very sorry.
I am with you wherever you go.

I am goals.
I am perpetual motion.
I am always forward.

I am a catalyst.
I am a force multiplier.

I am consistency.
I am discipline.
I am impatience.

I am emotional turmoil.
I am exuberant confidence.
I am intimate extrovert.

I am oak.

I am the need for deep human connection.
I am disdain for most people.
I am get off my lawn.

I am respect for women.
I am for equality.
I am intolerance.
I am all lives matter.

I am lost at sea.
I am dark clouds on the horizon.
I am the grass is most likely greener.
I am envy.

I am comfortable in my skin.
I am worthy of your love.
I am passion.
I am lust.
I am attention-seeking.

I am a friend.
I am band of brothers.
I am here for you.
I am too much.

I am more than I was.
I am less than I could be.

I am not you.

I am me.