The Function of Money

It is a psychological and social truism that each of us only exists by the acknowledgement of others. Any person who has absolutely no contact with another human for his/her entire life cannot survive. Such a person knows he/she does not really exist. Any individual’s skills,ability,personality only exist if other persons accept/acknowledge/recognise/require any one of these “identifiers”. Whilesoever this acknowledgement/requirement of a trait/ability continues,both persons benefit. If the “recogniser” cannot (or does not need to) continue this activity,then the “supplier” of that characteristic/ability returns to the state of his/her “unrecognition/unexistence” (because of the lack of human contact).

Commitment to permanent appreciation of another person’s “existence-offering” is not always possible/desirable. The problem is therefore- how to show the other party that recognition of his/her ability/characteristic (e.g. the ability to make shoes for me,as I do not have such ability) is now not needed. (I have enough shoes from you to last some time.) In effect,I am telling the shoemaker that he does not exist ,because I no longer need to “acknowledge” his “existence-quality” of shoe-provision. Now,bear in mind that I also require acknowledgement of my existence (I can tell amusing stories,or I can supply freshly killed animal meat),so I hope that others will at some time soon be wanting my abilities again. How are we to let others know that our non-recognition of them is temporary only? (“I will need shoes before winter”, “I will need meat in ten days time”.) This is the purpose of what we call money. Money ( a universally agreed form of socially transferable “worth-carrier” is the means that humans have devised to provide compensation to the person/provider “abandoned” (not required for an unknown period in the future). It is a way of saying “I cannot recognise/enjoy your existence now (but perhaps at a future date),but here is a “worth-value” representation which you can use to recognise another person’s useful/enjoyable characteristic/quality.” Money is compensation for (perhaps) temporary removal of recognition of the existence of the other person. Again,existence is emotional,and none of us exists except by recognition from at least one other person. If that recognition disappears,we are lost. However,if we receive a token to show the removal of recognition is only temporary,we “live” again. As a bonus,if the non-recognition is too long,or permanent, our “worth-token” can be used to acknowledge the existence-qualities of another person,for the benefit of both of us. You exist because you have a quality which is beneficial to me. If I can only acknowledge your existence temporarily,here is a “worth-token” for you to know that I might want to acknowledge you again at some future date,and you can use this token to acknowledge someone else.

Money is a rolling-recognition representative. “Cash” is compensation for non-commitment to continuous contact/cognisance of other humans. Money is mankind’s way of telling ourselves that individually we exist.