The fluctuations are huge at the moment for sure and I didn’t address that.
Peter Nixey

Maybe nothing is stable anymore — not even cash under your pillow!

The token space reminds me very much of internet days from 1998… some really great stuff in the mix but also surrounded by a ton of hype and kids wanted to get rich quick with vapourware.

In those situations, the best thing is to truly understand the fundamentals behind what is going on and pick the ones that are knuckling down on this basis. That means avoiding the “let’s hype this token- Filecoin ahem… get our investor mates from the valley in super early, then do a bit of work, but mostly go off to Bali and enjoy the proceeds” companies.

Lots of people will get burnt, lots of people will make a shit ton of money. Eventually it will flush out and be left with some truly ground-breaking companies being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

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