The Cost of Getting a Pixie Cut
Nicole Dieker

Here come decades of pixie-cut wisdom distilled. You DO look great with that cut, which suits you perfectly.

Other downsides, however, are: 1) The first cut is always the best with a new stylist, and once you get The Perfect One, you can never quite duplicate it, nor freeze it in place. 2) Stylists change salons. A lot. 3) About cut number four this year, you’ll be saying “AGAIN? But I just did this!”

Upsides: 1) It dries FAST. No blow dryer required. 2) It doesn’t blow in your face in bad weather or while working out. 3) A little DIY skill helps a lot — check out “maintaining a pixie cut” on YouTube. 4) Sometimes you’re in the mood for a drastic change, which a haircut can instantly bestow. Growing it back out again? Not so much — Magellan circled the earth faster than I can ever seem to turn a pixie into a bob.

Anyway, you do look terrific, so have fun!

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