Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

Re: the frivolity of white-young-man-problems, Undergoing IVF over 7 years ago I marvelled at how there wasn’t any satisfactory IT between doctors/patients/clinic nurses/admin and pharmacies, not even a goddam app to wholly deal with the entire process (writing drug and appointment protocol on loose pieces of paper for example)and guess what? There still isn’t (those apps you may see on the market are piecemeal at best). It speaks volumes one of the fastest growing and technologically advanced medical sectors in the world doesn’t have competent IT to go with it, but that’s what you get when it’s ‘a ladies thing’. In the scheme of things it’s a minor whine but gawd help anyone dealing with issues of true poverty, disability, education gaps or living in regional/remote areas which could use a digital leg-up.

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