But Seriously, Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Hanna- Great stats- way to back up your position. Two things come to mind reading this. 1) If the path you are on is the one someone else told you to take (title)- now is the time to pick your own path… its a lot more rewarding. If you do what is normal/common in the USA you will end up in debt and unhappy- be weird! 2) This is key for people in your situation- your single biggest cost is rent so don’t live on your own. Sharing a house is better than being hungry or homeless- get a roommate, move in to someones spare bedroom- at least until you can meet all basic necessities and you have a 3 month cash buffer. A personal example- I made more than minimum wage after my first job at 14 in every job I held, I also NEVER lived on my own- always with roommate- saving tons in the process and making great friends. Dont let someone else path be your shackles.

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