Be Like Ryan Coogler Initiative

Multiple the little you are given to big things, produce greatness.

Image from Your Black World
The director of #BlackPanther Ryan Coogler is only 31 years old.
Think deeply about that and then continue to the next lines,
He had a $900k budget for Fruitvale Station it made 16 million.
Had 40 million bud for Creed it made 173 million.
Marvel gave him 200+ million budget for Black Panther(Fill in your own speculated figure….).
The money he got for Black Panther was the most ever given to an African American director.
— Source @Usblm on Twitter.

When I read the above details about this young man and his ability to produce money making movie at his age, I was motivated. Motivated to help out with young people who have cool business ideas but are low on cash to push them forward.

It started as #FoodForThought but along the way I was moved to actualize the thought and materialize it, and I did.

I posted the above on my Facebook page and dared any person below 31 years of age to share with me how much they would make from 500,000Ugshs (estimated $137).

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From my inbox after two weeks of the re-sharing the above post, I received 4 business proposal that need the 500,000Ugshs injection and project a swift moving forward about the money is withdrawn from the business in a month time.

These business proposals were print and boutique related;
- A book to guide others on how to write better, 
- A photo frame sale for images from great photographers,
- A clothes boutique, and
- A shoes business.

Along the way I got two friends who offered to increase the pull to inject. I got an offer of another 500,000Ugshs and 100,000Ugshs. I have failed to get in touch with the 500,000Ugshs ‘offerer’ but the 100,000ugshs one is to send through using Mobile Money.

Next week I will be handing 1,000,000Ugshs to two people from the above 4 businesses and signing memorandums of understanding.

Ever after two months, this will be my own contribution to the Ugandan young people in business’ Eco-system, who lack funds to push their businesses forward to greatness.

I will be documenting all this here as it happens.

All this because #BlackPanther ‘s producer made me believe that I can as he could with less money.

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