User Acquisition Hacks For App Developers

The book recommendation app Ncvrs has been out in iOS for about 3 months and Android for three weeks. We’ve managed to rack up about 5000 users to date — my goal is 100,000 and beyond.

Getting people to consider, let alone download an app is a tough proposition. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about various user acquistion tactics.

Paid social media ads = nada

Google AdWords = zilch

Various consultants/agencies that say they can do this for you = bupkis

Telling your story on sites such as Medium and Twitter = $$$$

Maybe it’s just the space I’m in, publishing, but I am finding that narrative and word of mouth are the biggest drivers I have. And of course a high-quality product. I’m a relatively small-potatoes guy on social media, and my business has an even smaller footprint. Regardless, every Medium post positively correlates with new users signing up and trying the app.

Today I’m trying something new — a contest where 3 lucky people will get $100 to spend on books. Hopefully this will induce people to take a minute out of their day and try something new.

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