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First, thank you for the link to the book. Did you read it? It is a fascinating account of one author’s view on growing communism in the world. I have shared the link with some friends.

Last I checked, college teachers are paid workers. In many cases, they are paid through public funds. Should they wish to share their opinions with the students, instead of teaching them how to think, the public that pays them should know. If they feel intimidated by that, they should keep their opinions to themselves.

About the safe spaces on college campuses — really? By the time a young adult reaches an age to be on their own, they should have figured out how to create a refuge of their own. College is a place for rigorous ideas and learning how to handle the world on your own. My mom, in her less than perfect counseling ability, used to tell me that stick and stones might hurt my bones, but names will never harm me.

I know now, that isn’t true.

However, what most of us are thinking regarding the safe spaces, is not to “suck it up, Buttercup”, but to come to terms with it. Mom had the right idea, but she was just off a bit, I think.

When kids tease the kids in my classroom, I ask them, “is it true?”

Invariably, they say . “no”.

And then I tell them to remember that. And use it. Get angry. Prove they are wrong. Show them how weak and silly they are to resort to name calling, and how strong you are by living with it, and through it.

I also deal with the name callers — but that is a different thread.

If college kids have yet to develop a means to deal with bullies, when will they? Creating safe places doesn’t help them deal with the problem. And seriously, if they haven’t learned coping skills by now, it is not up to the taxpayer’s or college alumni to teach them.

And affirmative action? You mean, one of the great causes of the dumbing-down of American societies? Let’s pick that up in another topic

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