They did know Mexico wasn’t gonna pay for the wall right?

However the other hand of the bar that doesn’t make me laugh is how much money we will waist on a wall that will be just like the Berlin Wall.
Used to keep people in, not keep people out.

Nothing like a bit of revisionist history, right? The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in because East Germany was a crummy place to live. The intelligentsia flooded into West Germany because it was a better place to live.

The exact opposite is happening here. Vast numbers of poorly educated folks are flooding our boarders because this is an amazingly better place to live.

Our country has a fair system for immigration. We need immigrants, but we cannot support the vast numbers that are arriving illegally. It is not fair to those who worked hard to come in fairly, and it is not sustainable.

I would be all for some alternatives. How about anyone who serves in the military for a four year tour be given full citizenship? How about employers who hire undocumented aliens take responsibility for education and medical costs for their workers and families?

You write a lot about love making things right, but like many liberals, your writing is filled with hate. You accuse us of having no heart — and, yet, I spent a lifetime taking care of others in less powerful situations than me. You write about “people with brains…” but can’t seem to use Standard English. You accuse us who believe differently of being fools. You make wild allegations about the crumbling constitution, but don’t back that up with any facts or examples. Yours is just another message of hate, wrapped up in heart printed tissue paper that crumbles with any kind of inspection.

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