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Oddly enough, this eclectic reading list disproves the naysayers in the comments section. It represents some of the best, and some of the most controversial theological authors that reflects that religion is for those who think, grow, and learn.

Of course, we disagree on many of the precepts represented. Liberation Theology wasn’t invented by Gutierrez, but by the Jews who waited for their messiah who would save them from religious, social, and economic oppression. Jesus’s teachings and actions implied that God is not on any earthly side, but more concerned with how we deal with the situations we find ourselves in.

And the summary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s book applies, in my mind, more to the tyranny we would have seen under Hilary’s reign than what I think will happen with Trump. But then, King was like that — his wisdom was used more often to create personal reflection rather than division.

Anyway, kudos on a good article. Can’t really agree with your author list, but reading is a good thing.

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