How about this logic then:
Joe King Elegua

Pushback is fine. In fact, that is what President Trump suggested. When a public entity chooses to violate the public trust, it should loose public funds.


Should Madonna complain about a close, and consistent federal investigation into her White House burning fantasies…?


When your freedom is speech is taken away because our rights are being whittled away in the name of “progressiveness”


However, free speech is still a protected Constitutional right. People should not be assaulted, sent to the hospital, pepper sprayed, and otherwise bullied for espousing a different belief than those of their neighbors.


Yep. It will happen if we can’t talk this through. And the pushback is not going to be pretty. What you, and this Siobhan and others, who prefer to accuse and run, rather than talk, will find, is that you are poking a bear with a stick.

Good luck with that.

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