I read the article, no one died.
Gus DiZerega

This is one of the problems that create, and maintain the huge divide between the right and the left. From a very short comment, you have created a person who you believe to want millions of people to die and who is a bigot who doesn’t care about others. Then, because you don’t like this person you made up, you attempt to shut me up.

The thing is, you have created a fictional person. You have no clue about why I wrote what I did, and what I am like. In another post, you alluded to using facts instead of opinion. You proved yourself a hypocrite with your assumptions about me.

What is your endgame? What do you hope to accomplish by attempting to silence those who, using your words, are different than you? Do you just want to listen to those who are like you? How will that help solve problems?

Once you stop listening to the other side, the chances for peaceful change fade away.

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