Identity Crisis: Am I a Developer or Designer?
James Y Rauhut

Why not both? Or is that double trouble? I’d say that if you mostly code, then you’re a developer, if you mostly design — then you’re a designer. Or maybe it depends on the job description more than what you actually do. I don’t know. But designers do need to know some code depending on what kind of design their doing. Web designers need to be proficient in HTML and CSS, but those are not strictly speaking programming languages, so they wouldn’t necessarily be called developers, however if you add some JavaScript (jQuery for example) under your belt, it would improve your design skillset and make you a little bit of both. I do know that many companies require this for designers and even give them a coding test to evaluate their skills when hiring them. There are HTML, CSS tests, some also include Boostrap (the ones here for example: So that blurs the lines a bit more.

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