Men and Automobiles — A Deceptively Complex Relationship

Men can be passionate about their automobiles. The passions start at a young age and have influence for a lifetime, like sweet childhood memories.

Songs are dedicated to a cherished possession. The British Rock & Roll band Queen reportedly dedicated the song, ‘I’m in Love with My Car’ , to a beautiful British Triumph TR4. The song even included the sound from a car exhaust.

The relationship with automobiles often starts at a young age and lasts a lifetime…

The Aston Martin automobile exhibited the masculinity of the 1960's. James Bond and the Aston Martin were an alter ego men dreamed to achieve. The Aston Martin DB4GT set the stage for the DB5 which was featured in several James Bond movies.

Bond, James Bond…

Ferrari was Italian art, muscle and an icon of racing in the 1960's. Enzo Ferrari sold sports cars to finance his passion for racing and winning. About 350 of these knee weakening beauties were made.

A former Steve McQueen Ferrari 250 GT/L sold for over $2.3 million…

Each of the cars photographed above are members of the non-profit SOVREN (Society Of Vintage Racing ENthusiasts). The car owners use their own resources, time and effort to preserve these timeless classic automobiles.

For over 20 years, every Fourth of July weekend the dedicated and passionate SOVREN owners display and race these cherished possessions for three days at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.

Why would these men and automobiles have a three day event every year? From the site, the answer is found:

‘In 1990, the Historics became a fund raiser for Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle and 68 cars participated and $7500 was raised. Over the years SOVREN has worked hand in hand with the SOVREN Guild and the Historics have raised over $8.3 million dollars, most of which goes directly towards uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital.’

Porsche captured art, engineering and racing excellence in the ageless Porsche 356. Ferry Porsche articulated the complexity of a mans relationship with automobiles in the photo/quote below. It touches the surface. The SOVREN car owners take the relationship to deeper and more meaningful levels.

I’m in love with my car.

I’m in love with childhood memories.

I’m in love with both.

With deepest gratitude to preservers and makers of memories, past and future.

Background photo is of a young boy at play with a car at the start/finish line before the 2014 Daytona 500 race.

Story and photos ©2014 Patrick Krohn

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