What is Digital? Customer-led and data-driven automation to create new value
What is Digital? Customer-led and data-driven automation to create new value
What is Digital? Customer-led and data-driven automation to create new value.

Over the last decade or so, there are few words used more regularly and more vaguely to mean more things across the business World as “Digital”.

It means everything and nothing, has justified enormous programs of work and changed the shape and behaviour of organisations of all sizes.

You can add it to pretty much any other word to make it sound exciting, modern and sexy — “not just any thingy, this is a digital thingy”…

But what the devil does it actually mean?

I’ve (superficially) scoured the entire Internet looking for a clear and concise definition and cannot find one. They vary from multi-page theoretical ramblings about customer-centric, capability enhancing, value-add activity to simple but inherently recursive one-liners such as “The use of digital technology to enable a digital business”…which just ties my head up in knots as I work my way unsuccessfully through it….It’s …

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Like many people this year, working remotely went from an occasional occurrence to an enforced environment. Throw in some kids being “home schooled-ish” and a national shortage of toilet roll and you’ve got the ingredients for a nightmare ready to roll…

Luckily, we were pretty much good-to-go from an enablement point of view with cloud based services for most tooling and more traditional remote access for everything else. However, what I was not prepared for was the move to entire days filled with video calls.

At the start, the default behaviour was to try and replicate an office environment using video calls. When you wanted to talk to someone, you’d book some time that inevitably got filled…so much so, that whole days would pass with nothing but back-to-back calls. Most would include some pleasantries, people asking if you could hear them or being told they were on mute and lots of kids or pets injecting welcome relief to the relentless onslaught of talking heads bobbing about in boxes. …

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s time to reflect on the what we’ve achieved over the year and set our goals for the next one. One of the things that we, as a society achieved, was the introduction and use of a load of phrases that permeate meetings and conversations in offices across the country. I’ve been compiling my favourites and added them to the popular “Lingo Bingo” format for you to tick off as you spot them being used “in the wild”.

I trialled it last week and managed to get all of them ticked off in 3 days…except for “dot the I’s and cross the T’s”, which anecdotally seems to have dropped off over the course of the year. …

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Mike Krahulik/WoW TCG

At a recent team away day, I went a little tangential and decided to do a short segment on teamwork. While I was putting the slides together I was reminded of a classic Internet video from 2005 in which a World of Warcarft guild are planning an attack which goes disastrously….so I used it.

The video itself has since been revealed as staged, but that doesn’t take anything away from its brilliance as I’m sure you’ll agree (as well as the other 3,285,748 viewers it’s had).

In it, the team meticulously plan the daring raid, but then one of them (Leeroy Jenkins) charges in shouting the immortal…

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Recently I was trying to describe the various types of cloud services available for modern IT deployment. Like many, I resorted to an analogy — the ever popular “Pizza as a Service”.


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