I am a computer science student with a passion for design and all things aesthetic. I am also a minimalist and love keeping things extremely simple. I thought it would be nice to document my current computer setup and share how I organize my digital workspace.

I do everything on my single MacBook Pro. While my life quite literally depends on this amazing machine, I keep my workflow simple. There are only a few app which I use and love.

Web Browser

I use Safari as my web browser. It is fast, elegant, and it keeps everything synced across Apple devices. …

I used to live in a small, old college-town apartment for the entire Sophomore year. When I learned that I got the job as a Resident Advisor and would be moving back to a spacious college dorm room for Junior year, I knew I had to take the opportunity to decorate the room and make it the perfect dorm room that I’d love. Fast forward a few months, it’s now the second semester of my Junior year, and I’d say I am quite happy with the result!

The room is a work of heart — it is full of things…

In October 2019, I traveled to downtown Chicago and attended BuiltWorlds Hackathon 2019 with friends at DeepWalk Research, a Machine-Learning-focused startup which I was a part of. We had a fun weekend in the city — we stayed in a nice Airbnb, had some great authentic Japanese BBQ, and lucky enough, we won the hackathon!

Our team members and company mentors from the hackathon!

Emily and I wrote this article together, we thought that it’d be nice to share what we made and why we made them. We are confident that our solution is a good first step to solving the problems presented, which I will describe shortly.


看我們在 Hack4Impact 如何透過系統化的「介面 UI 設計」、「使用者體驗 UX 設計」與「用戶研究」,打造一個人性化的應用程式,幫助使用者決定選擇行走哪條道路最安全。

在幅員廣大的美國校園,行走回家難免需要路經陰暗的街角。在夜間走在這些道路上,常常令人感到可怕。事實上,美國國家犯罪受害調查報告顯示,63.2% 的性侵害案件都是在入夜後發生的,而且大多時候,受害者都是獨自一人。

挑戰 Challenge:讓我們來解決這個問題

我於美國參與的非營利組織 Hack4Impact 的團隊看見了這個問題,並想試試著改善它。我們希望學生走路回家不應該擔心被侵害;我們想要降低針對「獨自一人」的行人下手的罪行。我們的做法是希望能提供行人一些關於他們身邊環境的有益資訊,以便讓他們在選擇行走哪條道路時,能做出更明智的決定,選擇最安全的道路。藉此,讓他們能更安心的於夜間在戶外行走。


在這個專案上,我的角色是 UI/UX 設計工程師。事實上,我是伊利諾伊大學 Hack4Impact 團隊史上的第一位使用者體驗設計工程師呢!在這個 …

How we designed an app to help students determine the safest route when walking late at night.

Walking around campus alone at night can be scary, some streets are deathly quiet and many are not well lit. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, 63.2% of rapes and sexual assaults occur after dusk. Often, the victims were alone.

The Challenge

A project that I worked on with Hack4Impact hoped to address the issue stated above and help students get around campus safer at night. We wanted to reduce the rate of crime targeting pedestrians by providing them with useful information regarding their surrounding areas. …

Philip Kuo

I craft stunning digital experiences.

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