The Story of Creating the Perfect Disney-themed Dorm Room

Full of Disney Pixie Dust

Alexa Digital Assistant Powered

This is my room on a warm and sunny day.


Left: Tokyo DisneySea. Middle and right: Disneyland Paris.
Poster Art of the Disney Parks Book
Posters of some of my favorite rides in Tokyo Disney Resort.

Digitally Restoring Historical Posters

The poster of Mark Twain Riverboat is much cleaner after restoration.

Step 1: Enhancing Resolution with AI

Step 2: Correcting Colors

Matching colors of two posters that have the same theme.
The colors on the poster of Space Mountain is more vibrant after restoration.

Step 3: Correcting Angles

Step 4: Fine-tuning Final Details

The poster of Disneyland Railroad before and after restoration.
The poster of Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions before and after restoration.
The poster of Swiss Family Treehouse before and after restoration.

“To all that come to this happy place, welcome.”

— Walt Disney, 1955

A warm splash of sunlight shining through into the room that’s full of things I love.

A Little Extra Touch

When the night falls… my room looks a little extra spectacular.

The End Result




I craft stunning digital experiences.

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Philip Kuo

Philip Kuo

I craft stunning digital experiences.

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