Enhance Your Home & Garden With LED Mood Lights

Lighting is a fantastic and relatively easy way to enhance any space.

Public buildings and workspaces the world over use clever lighting to compliment and highlight architectural features in order to delight visitors or offer practical advantages for users in those areas. Often these types of fancy lighting techniques don't come cheap, but with the advances in LED technology over the past 10 years seeing LED lighting becoming more readily available at affordable prices, there’s no reason why these ideas and techniques cannot be applied in the home and garden.

Lighting is the perfect way to really bring your home and garden to life. While traditional overhead lights are in place for practical visibility, to really create a certain style or atmosphere you'll need to use secondary lighting. For this, there is no better option than LED mood lights. Add to that the superior efficiency and ‘Green’ advantages of LED lighting, and there is no better option to enrich and personalise any living space.

LEDs Compliment Any Room

A fantastic element of LED mood lights is their colour changing capabilities which means they can be set to match the colour scheme of any space. Most rooms in the home have wonderful features or focal points that can be beautifully highlighted with the help of well placed lighting. For instance, LED mood lights could be placed along a mantelpiece, under a beautiful painting, or in the centre of a dining table to draw the eye. What’s more, because LED lights are so energy efficient, many can run for up to 10 hours off a small 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery alone! Stripped of the restrictions of having to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, LED mood lights are ideal for placing in unusual places around the home that would otherwise be out of reach for a standard lamp.

Relax And Unwind With LEDs

Create a home environment where family and friends can relax and unwind with mood lights. In the living room, mood lights can be used to create a warm glow to enhance relaxing times with a favourite novel or TV series; change the LED mood lights to warming colours such as orange or yellow and place them on corner tables next to the sofa. When it comes to getting the little ones to bed, mood lights can be utilised on bedside tables as night lights to provide a calming environment to help them nod off. Thanks to the advances in thermal management and lens technology, LED night lights are cool to the touch so parents needn’t worry about burns!

LEDs Will Impress Your Guests

The ambiance provided by LED mood lights isn’t only good for down time in the home. Mood lights can add a colourful and fun element to any house party. Whether you want your dining room table festooned with light to show off the wonderful feast ahead, or your garden patio illuminated to extend those summer BBQ’s well into the evening; LED mood lights can work to any host’s advantage! The colour changing function, gradually blending from one colour to the next, never fails to impress guests.

Light Up The Garden With LEDs

When the evening rolls in, a little light in the garden can help extend the perceived living space and allow you to enjoy your garden even after the sun has gone down. Movable LED lights offer an alternative to exterior light fittings that can be both beautiful and fun, and can offer an exciting solution to illuminate parts of the garden that fixed exterior lights can’t reach. LED cube stools are not only a good source of light, but can also be used as a seat or table, making them a great option for enjoying a glass of wine with friends when the summer evenings are being kind! Alternatively, LED ball lights can be hung from trees in the garden or, for the more luxurious home, floated in the pool to add a more decorative element! 100% waterproof, with the added advantage of offering remote management via a Smart LED Remote Control, with a range of up to 8 metres; there’s no reason why homeowners can’t enjoy the beauty of their gardens, even in the most damp and dreary corners of Britain!

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