7 Life Lessons Learned From A Stupid Game

Who would’ve thought that a simple and meaningless game would teach me several lessons about life? 7 life lessons I have learned from a stupid game, in no particular order.

1. Grandmas are important

Take good care of your family, you need to stick together your entire life.

2. A mouse cursor is worth 419.986 trillions

Anything you will buy is only worth what you want to pay.

3. Chocolate increases banks' efficiency

Chocolate can affect the amount of serotonin in the brain. This chemical is known for having an effect on your mood.

Eat chocolate, be happy!

4. Kittens boost life quality

Nothing to explain here, take a look at this image and you will understand.

Cute Kitten by kitty.green66

5. Be patient

Don’t rush it too much. Sit back and relax. Think twice before rushing to a decision.

6. Cheat your way to success faster

Automating boring tasks enables you to do more of the awesome stuff, and less of the boring stuff.

7. Socializing is important

I tried to play this game at home, alone. It was no fun. At work we are a bunch of colleagues who has the game running in the background. It is way more fun! We can show off and brag about new badges.

There is no fun when you are alone.