40 Albums for Fall 2016

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of my first music blog, Colonel K Speaks (launched during my second year of graduate school - how’s that for overachievement?!), here’s a list of 40 Albums to soundtrack those lovely months sandwiched between the DOPENESS that is summer and the unbearable demon hell-ride that is winter.

  1. The Durutti Column “LC”
  2. Skepta “Konichiwa”
  3. A.R. Kane “69”
  4. Josef K “The Only Fun In Town”
  5. Stevie Wonder Talking Book”
  6. Bagarre “Circus”
  7. Cat Power “You Are Free”
  8. The Gun Club “Mother Juno”
  9. Serge Gainsbourg “Love On The Beat”
  10. The Sugarcubes “Life’s Too Good”
  11. Care “Diamonds and Emeralds”
  12. Boubacar Traore “Mariama”
  13. Elastica “The Menace”
  14. Goldfrapp “Black Cherry”
  15. The Wedding Present “George Best”
  16. Isabelle Antena “En Cavale”
  17. The Pop Group “Y”
  18. The Raincoats “Odyshape”
  19. Waterfront Dining “Reflections 反射”
  20. Disco Inferno “The 5 EPs”
  21. The Waterboys “A Pagan Place”
  22. Change “The Glow of Love”
  23. Japan “Tin Drum”
  24. Various Artists “Uncle Arthur’s Pop Parlour”
  25. Grant Lee Buffalo “Mighty Joe Moon”
  26. The Byrds “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”
  27. Starflyer 59 “Gold”
  28. Dogs “Too Much Class for the Neighborhood”
  29. The Blue Aeroplanes “Swagger”
  30. The Wolfgang Press “The Legendary Wolfgang Press”
  31. Dead Can Dance “Dead Can Dance”
  32. The Veldt “Marigolds”
  33. Buddha On The Moon “Stratospheric”
  34. A Certain Ratio “Sextet”
  35. The Streets “Original Pirate Material”
  36. Orange Juice “The Orange Juice”
  37. Section 25 “Always Now”
  38. Nina Simone “Baltimore”
  39. Roedelius, Eno, Moebius “After The Heat”
  40. Close Lobsters “Foxheads Stalk These Lands”
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