One Brotha’s Take on The (Remaining) Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

From the moment she first appeared on the national stage, Hillary has weathered constant criticism from pretty much everybody. Son, she faced down 11 hours of Benghazi interrogation from House Select Committee and didn’t flinch. On that Teflon Don tip. “I still standing!”

HRC is not ringing the alarm like Bernie Sanders. The first Democratic debate revealed a candidate who believes America is still the Land of Opportunity. Hillary sees America as a country that needs some work and doesn’t seem to have any intention to emulate the ways of Denmark or Sweden. Now, this is all well and good, but Hillary will have to acknowledge that blacks, Latinos, unionized workers, and other members of the Democratic base see a nation in full-fledged crisis. If HRC really wants to make meaningful change in these peoples lives (and not just get their vote), she’ll have to get woke.

On a more serious note: With regards to foreign policy, I find HRC’s support of the 2000 invasion of Afghanistan, 2003 invasion of Iraq, sanctions on Iran, and the Patriot Act (and its reauthorization) to be unforgivable. Her tenure as Secretary of State was very much business as usual. That is to say, less destructive or exploitative than Henry Kissinger, but still very much continuation of previous policies. Given her track record, it doesn’t seem like Hilary will do things differently if she becomes Commander-In-Chief.

Bernie Sanders My personal politics are very much in line with Senator Sanders. As someone would a firm working knowledge of the full spectrum of Marxism, and having worked and traveled in Europe I can say from experience that affordable health care and education, union-friendly business practices, and generous paid leave is where it’s at. However decades of anti-union/anti-Red propaganda has left most Americans deeply suspicious of anything even remotely socialist. And socialism alone is not enough to combat institutional racism. Yeah, Bernie has embraced Black Lives Matter, but black voters still aren’t quite convinced.

Furthermore, Bernie’s emphasis domestic issues lead me to wonder whether he’s ready to lead us internationally. Senator Sanders claims that if he’s elected President, America would “move away from a policy of unilateral military action, and toward a policy of emphasizing diplomacy, and ensuring the decision to go to war is a last resort.” But how? And what will he do about the arms makers and defense contractors that get rich from foreign conflict? How will he engage with Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, regions that’ve gone neglected during the Obama’s tenure?

Martin O’Malley Given this man’s lack of substantive national or international experience, his insistence on stats-driven governance, and that dreadful “All Lives Matter” comment, there’s not a chance in hell that I would vote for Martin O’Malley. File under: Irrelevant.

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