How we’re expanding our AP service for local news syndication to massive national amplification

Over the past 10 months, The Breaking News Network has syndicated 24,000+ stories by 150 independent news publishers to local readers in 100 major cities. The syndication program was launched in February 2015 as a way to ensure that local news by national indie journalists and publishers (like Mother Jones or New America Media) is consumed by local readers who may not know these indie publications. The results reflect our mission to support and sustain the independent news ecosystem.

Here’s a sample from yesterday:

Syndicating Mother Jones in Columbia, MO
Syndicating @grist in NYC
Syndicating New America Media in Baltimore
Syndicating @inthesetimes in St Louis

Massive amplification of indie journalists and publishers

Our newest initiative is to support indie journalists and publications in getting their message out massively across 300+ cities. In addition to the 400 city Breaking News Network, we leverage our 100-city political, social impact and African American news networks.

Amplifying independent journalism
Supporting local news organs
Supporting movements like immigration reform
Highlighting important writers

You can check all the news we’re amplifying daily at @amplifyingnews

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Join our channel for amplification

We’ve started a slack channel for thinkers, indie journalists and publishers with the express purpose of sourcing breaking news and important work to amplify.